Dressing Up (Male Edition)

Dressing Up (Male Edition)

By Adam Lotz, Staff Writer

It is a nice change of scene to see students all dressed up – even if only for recruiting purposes. On the whole, the Anderson students don’t look half bad. On a scale from the Three Stooges to Cary Grant, we’re leaning Cary Grant. That being said, we still have lots of work to do. Here are some basic tips for everyday suit wear:

Fitting: Fit matters the most. Get a suit that will fit your body well. Very few people can tell the difference between a $400 suit and a $2,000 suit, but even a child can see when a suit doesn’t fit right.
When buying a suit, the shoulders and overall shape are the most important aspects. All of the other features can be easily adjusted by a tailor.
To look extra sharp, get your tailor to taper your jacket sleeves and pant legs (more appropriate for slim body types)

Maintenance: If you plan to wear suits more than once a week, I highly recommend purchasing a fabric steamer. They will save you a lot of time and allow you to throw out your old-fashioned iron.
Do not dry clean your suits unless they absolutely need it. Most suits, especially cheaper ones, will have a fused canvas. Dry cleaning can lead to puckering of the jacket and there is no way to fix puckering once it has taken place.
If you wear the same pair of dress shoes more than three times a week, I would recommend that you get a second pair. Even the most durable dress shoes can wear out rapidly by overuse. It is also good practice to condition and polish your shoes on a regular basis.

Differentiate yourself: Once you know the basics, it’s important to look a bit different and move away from the stereotypical “Men’s Wearhouse ad” look. Here are some ideas:
Pocket square – Get one that will go well with the tie you are wearing, preferably one that is complimentary but not identical.
Tie Bar – A piece of the 1970’s that is coming back in style. I would advise wearing it higher on the tie rather than lower – unless you are going for an old fashioned look
Collar Bar – Another piece from many years ago. Be careful while using these, as they can leave a hole in your collar.
Ascot – Use a color that will go with your outfit. You will definitely receive more attention although they tend to be a more casual occasion item.
English Shoes – Shopping at the men’s dress shoe section seems like just different rearrangements of all the same shoes. Buying yourself some handmade English shoes is more affordable than you think and puts you one step further away from the monotonous masses.


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