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Being an orientation leader makes it evident how we’ve come full circle as MBAs in our second year. Seeing the excitement, nerves, and posturing of first years is such a vivid reminder of all of my emotions just one year ago. Some people jump in headfirst, others dip a toe in the water, and all are taking advantage of a new environment filled with future business partners, spouses, and unavoidable lifelong friends – while tolerating orientation leaders with titanic levels of enthusiasm. The relationships gel, the hustle grows, and after a year you feel like you’ve got your arms around it all as you go into your internship.

Just as things got comfortable last year I found myself back out on that limb. Starting an internship, like any new challenge, comes with the same jitters, the same promise of hard-earned opportunity, and the same desire of making a positive impact on a new team. For me, transitioning from school to the internship was relatively painless. I hit the ground running by missing my first flight on the first day (I have some layout suggestions for LAX) and then locking my 20-person case team out of the client computer terminal for booking meetings for a week (I have some IT suggestions for a Fortune 500 in Phoenix). On paper I should have called Parker, notified them that they somehow got a half-functioning human being a job, congratulated them on this feat, and then geared up for re-recruiting. In reality, though, these are the experiences that make us who we are. These vulnerabilities, paired with the ability to not take oneself too seriously, allow us to forge relationships that will ultimately make us effective throughout the unforeseeable turns our lives will all take.

Anderson’s reach put me on a team with multiple graduates as well as two members of the incoming Class of 2016 -allowing them to rib me in the way that only people who have your back could. The projec was challenging, but learning from the candor of those around me brought me up to speed quickly. By the time I was hitting my stride, it was over.

Touching base with the world outside the AnderBubble tends to come just in time, but lasts only long enough for you to reground yourself before plunging back into school. Like waking up an hour before your alarm goes off and realizing you get that extra bit of bliss, I’m eager to hit the cooler side of the pillow as a second year. To have the privilege of building relationships with a new class, while cementing those I started last year, is something I’ll be pinching myself over for the next nine months.

Can’t wait.

Sunset at the Santa Monica Pier, photo credit Subodh Kolla

Sunset at the Santa Monica Pier, photo credit Subodh Kolla


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