Reflections on a Year as ASA VP of Ethics and Professionalism

Reflections on a Year as ASA VP of Ethics and Professionalism


Michael Benedosso


Question from The Exchange: Over the last year, you’ve been VP of Ethics and Professionalism for ASA. What are you most pleased with having accomplished?

Benedosso: I’ve done a lot in my life that I’m proud of including single-handedly getting the American bald eagle off the endangered list. But perhaps what brings me the most joy was serving as the ASA VP of Ethics & Professionalism. Such a title seems so unrealistic for me. It was only three short years ago that I was chased out of Jacksonville, FL for inciting a witch-hunt, and only two years ago that I was named the worst thing to happen to the state of Colorado since the Great Fire of 1880. The country of Sao Tome has yet to repeal their declaration of war on me. Yet despite all of this, you have accepted me with open arms. Most of my job isn’t pretty, since I mostly deal with violations. But I am proud of contributing to the school’s overall well-being and progress while being part of a great ASA cabinet that was determined to help Anderson, its students, and its community. I’m also proud of being the first man to receive an Emmy nomination for “Best Supporting Actress in a Day Time TV Drama.”

Question from The Exchange: Where do you see the most frequent ethical lapses being made at Anderson? How do you think we can improve as a community?

Benedosso: There are two reasons for the violations I saw this year: misunderstanding of the rules and lack of realization that all actions reflect the brand of Anderson. If students erred on the side of caution when not knowing the rules and realized that everything they did reflects Anderson’s brand (and ranking), most violations would not occur. When in doubt, please remember the one rule I use for ensur ing ethical and professionaL discipline: “Do unto others what you would want done unto you, especially if it results in you getting money.” This is the only empirical truth in the world…that and John Stamos should be everybody’s hero.


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