Mixed Feelings Toward MOOCs

Mixed Feelings Toward MOOCs


Shashwat Mishra


Question from The Exchange: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are becoming evermore popular among business schools. Should Anderson integrate these courses into its business model? Why?

Mishra’s Answer: I have mixed feelings toward MOOCs. While online courses are a good idea for some basic topics, we should be careful about how they affect the overall quality of learning.

For one, MOOCs take a onesize-fits-all approach and ignore that students may have different ways of understanding and processing information. At business schools in particular, many courses are case-based; learning is accomplished by discussing real-life scenarios. MOOCs do not provide an ideal platform for this kind of engaged learning.

Moreover, as students progress past the core curriculum and into more specific subject matter, they rely on having interaction with professors to develop a deeper understanding of topics. MOOCs would make it difficult to have this kind of interaction.


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