Fall Quarter: A Rite of Passage

Fall Quarter: A Rite of Passage


Question posed by The Exchange: The fall quarter is grueling, and students have debated whether the structure needs to change. Does the current format and level of difficulty need modifying and, if so, how?

Kishner’s Answer: I believe fall quarter is a rite of passage. We should embrace it as a challenge that teaches us about our passions and ourselves.While none of us probably wants to relive those 10 weeks, I bet we’re all proud to say we survived. That said, Dean Andrew Ainslie recently held a focus group to solicit student feedback on potential changes to the fall quarter. Some ideasiIncluded creating more online tutorials to foster additional in-class discussion, moving Communications class to winter quarter, and providing more resources to waive courses.
However, I’m personally leery about simply shifting work from one quarter to the next, as many students are still heavily recruiting during the winter quarter. As for moving content from the classroom to the internet, I worry that some teaching value could be lost.


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