Jarred Herman (FEMBA ’14)

Jarred Herman (FEMBA ’14)


Jarred Herman


Some folks pick up a second job to pay for their undergraduate education. Jarred Herman found work with the U.S. Navy on a fast attack nuclear submarine, helping pay off his Applied Mathematics degree from the University of Nevada.

Jarred’s four six-month deployments gave him a front row seat on intelligence and reconnaissance work across the Western Asia-Pacific region. After leading a 150 member naval crew as a 23-year-old, Herman moved to LA where he served as an Assistant Adjunct Professor advising UCLA’s Naval ROTC program. He eventually enrolled in the Anderson FEMBA Class of 2014.

Jarred brought his refined team-leadership experience from the Navy to business school and found those skills valued and applicable in the high-pressure arena of consulting. Herman spent the summer of 2013 as a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company, and he is looking forward to returning as a fulltime hire post-graduation.

Understanding how to leverage the network here at Anderson and realizing that there is no substitute for hard work has contributed to Herman’s success thus far, preparing him well for a continued meaningful and impactful career.



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